Prompt Policy

Last Update: 08/28/2023

1. Potential for Misuse

AI-generated images based on sensitive or explicit terms can be misused to create inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content. By restricting such terms, platforms aim to reduce the potential for misuse.

2. Sensitive Content

The term "sex" can be interpreted in various ways, some of which might lead to the generation of explicit or sensitive content. To avoid unintended and potentially harmful outputs, it's safer to restrict such terms.

3. Ethical Concerns

AI models can sometimes produce outputs that reflect societal biases or stereotypes. By restricting certain terms, platforms can avoid inadvertently perpetuating harmful biases or stereotypes related to gender, sexuality, or other sensitive topics.

4. User Safety

Restricting certain terms helps protect users from inadvertently generating or encountering harmful, triggering, or explicit content.

5. Regulatory and Legal Concerns

There might be legal implications or regulations in certain jurisdictions that prevent the generation of images based on specific terms, especially those related to explicit content or minors.

6. Platform Reputation

Platforms want to maintain a positive reputation and avoid controversies. Restricting potentially problematic terms is one way to achieve this.

7. Protecting Minors

Many platforms have users under the age of 18. Restricting terms related to explicit content ensures that minors are not exposed to inappropriate material.

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